Initiative #1

Environmental Literacy Leaderships and Partnerships
Establishing strong partnerships across the State in all environmental and academic fields.
Committee Chair: Bridget Prescott

This effort will focus on understanding the political and administrative context surrounding the implementation of EE practices across Rhode Island. It will include those responsible for policy implementation at the state and school level to help direct resources to those most capable of advancing the ELP and assessments. This initiative will aim to identify areas for advancing adoption of EE strategies that can contribute to advancing EL. It will also implement regular check in and monitoring with these leaders and partners to create a practical strategy for managing key advocates and opponents.

Working in conjunction with Initiative 2, the Initiative 1 team will create a relationship map and work with a marketing expert to develop a clear and consistent messaging strategy. Team members will identify target groups in the State critical to the success of the RI-ELA and initiate meetings to share the purpose of our project and forge or reestablish partnerships. With support from the Project Manager partnerships will be strengthened by follow up meetings and an annual gathering to update these groups on our project and assess their needs.

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