Initiative #2

Environmental Literacy Supporting a Better RI
Reaching out to a broader range of sectors whose work can be strengthened by the development of an environmentally literate citizenry.
Committee Chair: Molly Allard

Environmental literacy (EL) is considered essential to creating a better Rhode Island. This task group seeks to define how major agencies, industries, and non-profits in Rhode Island can align with EL and EE practices to advance their mission. Through a series of collaborative meetings and discussions, the team will consider how EL might support the objectives and goals of other organizations.

In conjunction with Initiative 1, the Initiative 2 team will create a relationship map and work with a marketing expert to develop a clear and consistent messaging strategy. Team members will identify a broad range of groups outside of the traditional EE field who would benefit from an environmentally literate citizenry and research and inventory the landscape and goals of these other industries to understand how the RI-ELA can support their missions. Upon determining what these partnerships could look like and what we can offer team members we will initiate meetings with these groups and perform necessary follow up to strengthen the partnerships.

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