Initiative #4

Monitoring the Status of K-12 Environmental Literacy
Build off of other 3 initiatives to develop the evaluation tool.
Committee Chair: Joshua LaPlante

Through the first three initiatives, RIEEA will be able to lay the groundwork from which the Rhode Island Environmental Literacy Assessment Tool (RI-ELA) will be able to effectively and sustainably be developed and implemented. We will then analyze data collected from this method of assessing environmental literacy (EL) and establish connections between teacher best practices and student knowledge. Furthermore, we will integrate data collected into a plan for improving the EL of K-12 students statewide.

Working with established, reinvigorated, and newly forged partnerships, this project will provide the resources and supporting data to prepare our teachers to utilize environmental education as a tremendously effective and important learning tool. A comprehensive and accurate assessment of environmental literacy and its correlation to student achievement in the State would provide the evidence needed for teachers, administrators, and policymakers to prioritize environmental education as an effective and critical learning tool for both student achievement and environmental leadership development.

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