K-12 EL Assessment Plan

Click here to view the report that came out of our Environmental Literacy Assessment Planning Summit.

History: RIEEA and Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) collaborated on the development of an Environmental Literacy Plan released in June 2011. The plan outlined the purpose of environmental literacy, identified core attributes and linked those attributes to curriculum goals and objectives.

Five years after publishing that plan, RIEEA convened the Environmental Literacy Assessment Planning Summit (summit) on July 14-15, 2016. The two-day workshop consisted of a series of facilitated discussions with expert advisors from the national environmental education field as well as local stakeholders from the Rhode Island education community. The advice from this group helped a RIEEA leadership team develop a three-year strategy for implementing an ongoing assessment plan to monitor progress toward achieving comprehensive environmental literacy (EL) for high school graduates across the state.

Based on input from the leadership group, the RIEEA team developed four distinct initiatives and a work plan to develop an ongoing benchmark assessment for the adoption of the literacy plan. The work aims to develop measures for monitoring growth in the field, modifications to the assessment strategies over time, and to support gap analysis to make decisions that can directly impact students in their K-12 learning career. This report summarizes the findings and output from the summit while outlining the four assessment initiatives.