Freelance Educator, RIMOSA

December 18, 2017

Job Title: Freelance Educator
Organization: Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art (RIMOSA)
Location: 763 Westminster St Providence
Salary: $20-$40/ per hour long program
Start Date: Winter 2018
Part Time

Job Description


Curiosity and creativity drive the experimentation of both artists and scientists. These are the qualities that need to be encouraged and fostered in ourselves and our children, so that there will be innovators – in art or science or both – in coming generations.

The Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art is the first informal learning institution serving Rhode Island that will improve students’ ability to innovate through the creation of innovative, interactive exhibits and programs.


We are recruiting passionate and committed individuals to play a pivotal role in building the our museum, brand and the STEAM movement. In addition to helping build a cultural institution from the ground up, Educators will gain valuable experience in the STEM to STEAM initiative, a current hot-button topic for Rhode Island and the Nation.  They will learn how to merge art with the traditional STEM disciplines – and vice versa, as well as learning how to conduct lessons in the more hands-on, open-ended manner which studies indicate are more conducive to learning, and to learning enjoyment.

Educators are trained in our ongoing programs; they  learn how we traditionally run our programs while being encouraged to add their own ideas for programming  Educators will assist, observe, evaluate, and eventually lead existing RIMOSA programs to gain an understanding of a STEAM outreach program and further inform their curriculum development.

Compensation: Educators are paid $20/one hour program for sitting in and observing programs as “seconds” while they are in training.  As fully trained “primaries”, Educators are paid $40/one hour program.  Time driving to and from program sites, as well as set-up and clean-up time are not paid.

Skills & Qualifications:

•       Must be a current undergraduate in 3rd year or more of college or have a college degree
*       Must respond in timely manner to emails, texts, and phone messages regarding work
•       Must have some background working with youth ages 8 to 16.
•       Must have good rapport with youth ages roughly 8 to 16
•       Must have (or be able to get) a BCI form which indicates that you have passed a criminal background check
•       Must be creative, and passionate about the arts and sciences
•       Must be responsible, flexible, and able to think on your feet
•       Must have access to car and ability to use it to attend meetings/ outreaches.
•       Must be able to lift objects approximately 20 to 30 pounds.

How to Apply

Please send letter of interest and resume to Education Director Juliette Casselman at or Bonnie Epstein at